About Byblos Printing S.A.L.

Starting out in 1963 from a small 200 m² premises and one machine,
founder Sami El Metni built up a business hoping that one day it would become an international standard print house.
Three years after his father’s passing and company close down, Ziad El Metni reopened the business in 1990.
Continuing his father’s dream and legacy, he expanded the company and its premises to 7,500 m², making it among the largest print houses in Lebanon and the region.
The continual growth and success is based on a combination of the latest technology backed by highly trained human expertise,
and a commitment to delivering top quality at reasonable prices within a swift time frame.
From commercial and promotional printing to books and magazines, our high-tech machines and software combined with highly trained human power deliver the best quality available within the fastest delivery time.
In a fast improving industry, our team is on continuous research to always stay ahead in every aspect, whether it be in technology or human resources.

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Vision & Values

We invest in state-of-the-art technology and expertise to ensure the highest quality results. We offer a compelling combination of quality and value. Our passion for printing means we put maximum effort into every single job and client. Our complete service offering is designed around giving the greatest customer experience.
Byblos Printing aims to be the first choice for efficient and affordable quality printing with a strong focus on building long-lasting customer relationships.

Personal Touch

Our success is founded on our quality work as well as on our personal touch. Working together across management and production, the experienced Byblos Printing team always ensures client's satisfaction.
From our experienced technicians with an eye for high-end printing quality, to our presentable client servicing team, we believe in building strong and valuable client relations.




Welcome to the Digital ERA

Printing is printing, right? Not really...
Each printing technic has particular benefits depending on your project's requirements.
When you need larger runs, in the hundreds or more, offset printing is the only way to go.
If a small run is required or the need for individual information, digital is the solution as it is capable of managing variable data when each piece demands unique codes.
This technic provides offset-like quality at a much faster speed, thus decreasing delivery time.



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Our Job Process and How it Works...


We seek perfection right from the very beginning. Using state-of-the-art technology, our team of designers and prepress finalizers ensures that your files and refined images are of optimal quality before delivering to the press. In their hands is the most advanced prepress software, capable of repairing files and flawlessly calibrating colors, Eizo monitors and computer to plate machines that deliver the best quality print results.


Technology meets expertise. A fully automated and constantly maintained fleet of press machines continues the cycle to deliver on-time best quality. Our top-of-the-line Heidelberg machines are only operated by experienced personnel and are linked to the image control unit for accurate and precise results.


We end just as we begin, with perfection. Our post-press department is highly equipped with machinery for laminating, folding, saddle stitching, and a super advanced perfect binder with conventional Hot Melt and the new technology of PUR binding. No matter how detailed your needs, our range of hot stamping, embossing, debossing, UV varnishing and die cutting machines will satisfy every request.

Behind the Scenes

The small print house is now among the largest in both Lebanon and the region, occupying 7,500 m2 of space.


Packaging Service

Fully automated line for light weight packaging became available in 2019.

State-of-the-art machines and software are already set up to start our new division, servicing food packaging, product packaging, pharmaceuticals and all other light weight packaging products.

The combining of high-quality printing with special operations such as spot UV, UV varnish, hot stamping, window patching with precise die cutting and gluing will deliver an incomparable package for your products.

Our Success Behind the Scenes

We continue to thrive and grow,
expanding our services and investing in the latest printing technology to ensure we can meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Management Information System

Byblos Printing's entire workflow runs on a unique MIS (Management Information System) specially built for print houses by Heidelberg Druckmaschinen.

From the early stages of prospecting until job delivery and invoicing, everything is logged on Prinect Business Manager to ensure accuracy and mistake prevention.

The system keeps track of the quotes and the jobs on every level so that the status can be checked in seconds. Not to mention, the software keeps track of all client's history, making it easier to retrieve reprint jobs. The system is also linked with the Prinect Cockpit (prepress) for live synchronization.


Our Success Behind the Scenes

We can to produce high-quality prints at a faster rate, allowing us to take on more orders and complete them on time.
This success story highlights the importance of investing in new technologies and equipment to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.
It also demonstrates the importance of taking calculated risks and making strategic decisions to grow and succeed in business.


Ensures that you get the Optimal Quality

Linked between the prepress and the press, Prinect Image Control ensures that you get the optimal quality in the printed image through its color management system.

Considered the leader in spectrophotometric measurement system, the Image Control guarantees ink measurement on the entire print image, automatic online control for all printing units, and minimal color fluctuations.

With Prinect Business Manager, Prinect Cockpit, and Prinect Image Control, Byblos Printing is the leader in Lebanon to link all stages of the job in one unified system with a European standard workflow.



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Samir Editeur

Travailler avec vous est un vrai plaisir. Votre accueil est chaleureux et très professionnel.
Efficacité, rapidité et qualité... En somme du travail de pro!!!


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We truly value the quality and professionallism of Byblos Printing.
Their team constantly demonstrate their commitment and ability to provide quality work at a competitive price while continuing to meet our demanding schedule.
Byblos Printing is a rellable and responsive partner.


Byblos Printing is one of the most professional and dedicated teams we have worked with.
Their attention to detail and dedication to the job produced only the best of results.


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